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    "you should work on your photoshop skills" they said

    "what did you say photoshop ron swanson’s mustache onto people" i said, wasting a whole ten minutes trying to find the stroke effect

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  2. How Making Love Changed Us



    Screenwriter Barry Sandler discusses the 1982 gay-themed drama, actors who refused to star in it and its lasting legacy.


    This is my professor.






    So frozenrope69 fancy me taking complete control tonight?

    If control is what you desire, bring it. Make me feel your dominant side…

    Well, I want you just to sit there and watch. I’m going to drive you wild.

    I was hoping you wouldn’t make it possible for me to relax? I was hoping you would have me wanting to bust out of my bindings..

    We have all night, slow & sensual I think, let’s knock it down a gear. I want your cock bulging out of your pants!

    This is from a movie where Ryan Gosling cuts open his dead mother’s uterus and sticks his hand inside

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    George Michael and Maeby’s love child. [x]

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    Tim and Eric and Telescopes

    This was a good post.

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    Dogfish Head Brewery tour


    Dogfish Head “90 Minute”

    95 A

    This notorious Imperial IPA is offered yearly in four-packs, its name in reference to the 90 minutes of constant hopping dedicated to the brew. Aromas are like sweet bread, caramel, raw sugar, tropical fruits, grapefruit pith, and hints of pine sap.

    The palate is sweet and malty up front, tasting something like honey-drizzled biscuits with yeasty sourdough. Hops begin with a focus on the sour, citric end of the spectrum. Hops gradually evolve into grassy, herbal flavors toward the middle. Leading into the finish, a spicy bitterness lashes out, wrecking the palate with numbness. Lush, juicy hop flavors burst out into a pool of brown sugar, settling into a final and resolute sense of balance. Mouthfeel is fairly thick, elevated, crisp yet smooth.

    Overall, this is a really strong East Coast-style double IPA with a supreme sense of balance. Bitterness obviously has the upper hand here, but sweetness really levels things out with a directly proportionate corresponding weight (at least as far as this style goes). Alcohol is carefully hidden below a barrage of hop flavor. It delivers all one would expect, or perhaps crave. This is one of my favorite standards from Dogfish Head, and I always pick some up when I’m traveling (I live in Arkansas of all places, for those who may not yet know). This is what a double should taste like. I recommend every hop head quickly check this off their list.


    90 IBU

    Milton, Delaware

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    Salvador Dali drawing a penis on the forehead of a woman and signing it with Picasso’s signature

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